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The musicians performing at

catholic art festival



Polyhymnia, founded in 2020, is a Saint Louis based, Catholic women's choir comprised of professional singers and musicians. The group's mission is to promote the classical arts in parish communities through liturgy, performance, and mentoring. Listen to their music here.

the jars project


This four-piece band describes themselves as:

A Musical endeavor of 

Original compositions 

From a place of brokenness 

Finding healing in God’s word through music 

Acoustic rock songs by 

Catholic musicians

Check out their website here.

Phill Promo Pic.jpg

Photo Credit: Jacob Wiegand, St. Louis Review; May 16th 2022

phill kosta

Active in music ministry since 2013, Phill Kosta is a Catholic songwriter and musician that has served across multiple (arch)dioceses and worked with ministries like Focus, Biking4Babies, and LifeTeen. In early 2021, Phill released his debut EP "Unafraid," and in September 2021 his latest single "Coffee + Grace." Phill lives in South City St. Louis with his wife Laura and three children and serves part time as the music minister for Queen of All Saints' Youth Ministry. Listen to his music here.


Ms. Libby is a children's musician, performing on the main stage. More information about her is available on the Kid's Corner page.

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